Just WOW! At Rincon Creek Ranch

Wow what a spectacular experience! We were treated to a luxurious stay at Rincon Creek Ranch for my niece’s wedding.   I must say the beauty and serenity of this place is nothing short o…

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Christmas 2015 at the ranch

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We had a busy season here at the ranch with Love in the air.  Some renewed their vows, others visited family, a couple got married on New Years Eve and some just relaxed and took in the scenery.  While the season was busy we did get to visit  with our family and enjoy some quiet time. We continue with the improvements on the ranch and thankful for our work campers Jim and Gail, who have done an amazing job with the grounds.  Bill and I look forward to a fun, excited 2016 and with a fresh outlook on what’s to come.

Gammons Gulch, Movie set and Museum


Western movies have been around for ages, and lately they are making a comeback. While looking for nearby attractions for our guest staying at the ranch, Bill Stumbled on Gammons Gulch, a movie studio and Museum. “Step back into time” as founder Jay Gammons has, and enjoy the fond memories of days gone by. Imagine yourself stepping back in time, walking down the main street of an old west town. In the distance you hear sounds of a honky-tonk piano slip in and out of the still, eerie silence as you walk past the saloon. At any moment you expect to see a cowboy step out of the doorway, or hear the pounding of a blacksmith’s hammer. Or maybe feel the rumble of driven horses as the stagecoach churns up the dust as it rolls into town. The place is real; a little imagination is all you need to complete your authentic and memorable “step back in time” experience, as Jay puts it.
Jay, started collecting antiques about 40 years ago and it has been on ongoing project ever since. They do on an average 5 movies a year along with some video. Jay does a phenomenal job giving tours . We truly enjoyed getting to know Jay and Joanne Gammons and listening to their stories. It was so obvious to see all the love, passion and dedication put into the set and the museum. Our guests will love learning about the history and going back in time. What a treat.
The movie studio is located in Benson about 40 mins from the ranch and you are welcome to bring a lunch and eat in the saloon. Like us the gammons live on the property and tours are by appointment only. Visit their website at http://www.gammonsgulch.com

Website is live!!!!

I am excited to announce our website is now live!!! Please take a look and let me know what you think.. http://www.rinconcreekranch.com Joe with “dungooddesign” did an awesome job and we couldn’t be happy with his work. Thank you Joe

WI-FI is here!!!!

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We are excited to say that we finally have WI-FI. Right now it is available in Luella-Boomer Hall, it is strong and there are plenty of places to sit and be comfortable while on your devices. We are putting together a business center in the corner with a computer and printer for guests to print out boarding passes or look up something if they need to.

Christmas at the ranch


2014 was a lovely Christmas at the ranch, with family,  friends and guest.  We started the week with a hayride through winter haven to views all the lights. It was my mom, sister, my nephew Andrew , our son nic and his girlfriend Caitlin, and of course Bill and I.   We usually walk through, but this year we decided to take the tour.  It was festive and a nice crisp was in there air and the hot chocolate warmed us up nicely.   Every day was busy with greeting guest,  wrapping last minute presents and filling stockings.  Santa had something for  everyone at the ranch.  We celebrated Christmas eve with Neighbors and guest and made some really nice friends along the way. Christmas day I was blessed with both of my boys being home, Nic’s girlfriend,  my mom and sister, brother in law and nephew.  This is one of the first Christmas without the visit of my other sister and family , which was sad,  but they were here in spirit.  Andrew had a blast and it is fun to watch Christmas through a child’s eyes.


Bob’s birthday bash and family reunion

We were honored this week with special guest from Tucson to the east coast celebrating Bob’s birthday and a family union.  We couldn’t ask for a nicer group of people.  It was such a pleasure meeting everyone and visiting.  Thank you for choosing Rincon Creek Ranch as your venue. We are enjoying having you!


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Finishing touches

During this project there were times of excitement, frustration, fear and gratitude.   I found an artist by the name of Summer Celeste on the internet months ago for some artwork for a couple of my fireplaces.  I knew what I wanted, however sometimes I am not the best at communicating it.  Summer had a way of looking at our project and knowing exactly what I was looking for and went to town painting the fireplace mantels.  Many of you have seen and asked about her work.  Friday when Bill and I went to pick up some artwork that was being done for the casita tiles we  was so OVER JOYED with the end result. It is not often that someone exceeds our expectation and Summer did just that.  I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to hang these master pieces, that I can’t even stand it.  It is the icing on the cake and I couldn’t be happier.  Here is a photo,( I apologize for the glare,) of the name plates for each casita.  Tomorrow they will find there place on the wall outside the front door, and will welcome each guest with a warm feeling of home. If you are in the market for artwork, I highly recommend her.  Her website is http://www.summerceleste.com.  Thank you Summer, I will cherish these!!



Zumba Pot Luck










Making new friends and exercising at the same time is a blessing. We all tested out the new Luella-Boomer Hall with some good food and good company. Glad we had the foresight to put this building in, think we’ll get some great use out of it

Saguaro in Bloom

Saguaro in Bloom

Despite the heat and lack of rain, there is always something beautiful in our Deserts. I wish I was able to get a picture of a cluster of saguaros blooming but they are too far away.